Welcome to FranksMicro!

FranksMicro LLC provides a variety of services related to microcontrollers, IoT security, and custom hardware and software design.

We are located in the Columbus, Ohio area.

Is your smart TV uploading your viewing habits or even room audio to a company's server? Is the phone app you just downloaded continuously "phoning home", sending your GPS coordinates? One service we offer is a detailed analysis of what your device is doing on your network and the internet.

Services we offer include:

  • Auditing and analysis of network communications by IoT devices including webcams, home security monitors, smart thermostats, automation devices, and other consumer electronics that connect to networks (either wirelessly or using a cable), smartphone applications, and PC applications.
  • Custom hardware design using microcontrollers such as AVR, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ESP-32, and ARM processors.
  • Custom software design for microcontrollers, including interfacing with sensor devices, providing SMS and email notifications for user-specified sensor conditions, storage, retrieval, and reporting on historical data.
  • Custom web software design using modern technologies including Node.js, Express, JavasScript, MySQL, and MongoDB.