Our Services

Services offered by FranksMicro include:

IoT Security

Is your new IoT device spying on you? Hacking your network? Sending sensitive information to China? We can find out!

Wireshark capture of a wireless ESP-32 IoT device connecting to an MQTT server.

Custom Microcontroller Hardware Design

Need a circuit to sense temperature, humidity, or other environmental conditions? Need a relay to turn on or based on specified conditions? Need to integrate a custom sensor into your control system? We can help!

Custom-designed IoT hardware being prototyped and tested on solderless breadboards by FranksMicro.

Custom Microcontroller Software Design

Need custom software written for Atmel AVR, Arduino, ESP-32, ARM, or another microcontroller? We can do it!

Custom-designed IoT code for ESP-32 chip at FranksMicro displayed in PlatformIO development environment.

Software Development

Need to custom application to store or display data from your sensors or control your device remotely? We offer custom software development using modern technologies such as Node JS, MongoDB, and Python.

Custom Node/Express web application code devleloped at FranksMicro displayed in Webstorm development environment.
Custom-designed graphing applications showing outdoor temperatures at FranksMicro during October, 2019.